Jim Ellis, DDS (dentist in Ogden, Utah): Extracting a Tooth

Typically, extracting a tooth is not that big of a deal. With the advances in anesthetics and instruments a tooth can be removed fairly easily and without too much discomfort.

And that’s the end of the story, right?

Well, most of the time. But taking out teeth does have it’s consequences. For instance, teeth nest to the extraction site can begin to shift.

The picture below should have 4 teeth in it. Instead the lower back molar has been extracted. As you can see, the top molar is moving.
It is starting to move further and further down into the mouth. This can lead to several different problems and ultimately cause the loss of the upper tooth.

Ogden Dentist: Extracting a Tooth (X-ray)

So, please be sure that before you go to get teeth taken out that you have discussed all of the options with your dentist and know that removing the tooth is the correct decision in your situation.