Protect your teeth from cavities

Are you looking for a way to protect your teeth from decay? Consider dental sealants. Dental sealants are a thin coating applied to the chewing surfaces of your teeth to prevent decay from forming in the grooves and crevices. At Jim Ellis D.D.S., we offer dental sealants and preventative dentistry services.

Our team of dental professionals, led by Dr. Jim Ellis, has years of experience applying dental sealants for patients of all ages. We understand that each patient has unique dental needs, and we work closely with you to develop a treatment plan that fits your situation.

Dental sealants are a safe and effective way to prevent tooth decay. The process is quick and painless, and the sealants can last over 6 with proper care. We recommend dental sealants for children and teenagers as a preventative measure, but adults can also benefit from sealants as an added layer of protection against decay.

During the procedure, we clean the tooth and then apply a gel to the chewing surface for a few seconds. We then rinse and dry the tooth before painting on the sealant. We also use a special light to help harden the sealant and create a protective shield over the tooth.

Our team is dedicated to making your visit as comfortable as possible while providing the best possible dental care. We work with most insurance plans and offer affordable pricing for all our services. 

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Get personalized dental care in Ogden, Utah

Our experienced dental team takes the time to get to know you, your dental history, and your specific concerns to develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

During your initial consultation, we will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums. We’ll also discuss your dental goals and any concerns you may have. Based on this information, we’ll develop a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses your needs and helps you achieve optimal oral health.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring you receive the best possible dental care, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Access state-of-the-art dental sealant technology 

Our team at Jim Ellis D.D.S. is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest dental technology and techniques to ensure our patients receive the highest dental care. Our dental office is equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology, and we use the latest tools and equipment to ensure you receive the most accurate diagnosis and treatment. Our advanced facility is designed to make your visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible, and our team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible dental care.

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Dental Sealants FAQs

How do dental sealants work?

Dental sealants act as a barrier, protecting the enamel on the chewing surfaces of teeth from decay-causing bacteria and acid. They can last for several years and are a great way to help prevent cavities.

Who should get dental sealants?

Dental sealants are typically recommended for children and teenagers at a higher risk of developing cavities. However, adults who have deep grooves or pits in their teeth can also benefit from getting sealants. Your dentist can help determine if dental sealants suit you or your child based on their oral health needs.

Are dental sealants safe?

Yes, dental sealants are safe. While the composite resin used in dental sealants typically includes a BPA-related chemical made from BPA, the research has not shown any psychosocial or neurocognitive effects related to sealants made of these materials. The American Dental Association encourages further study into the impact of BPA on human health but does not believe there is any foundation for health concerns related to dental sealants and BPA.

Some routine techniques can be used to reduce potential BPA exposure from dental sealants. After applying sealant, patients can gargle with tepid water for 30 seconds and spit. For younger children, the dentist can rinse with an air-water syringe and suction saliva. These techniques are intended to minimize potential BPA exposure while allowing patients to benefit from the protective qualities of dental sealants.

Do dental sealants require special care?

No, dental sealants do not require any special care. However, it’s essential to maintain good oral hygiene habits, such as brushing and flossing regularly, to prevent decay from forming around the sealant. Additionally, it’s a good idea to avoid chewing on hard objects, such as ice or hard candy, which can cause the sealant to crack or wear away.

Are dental sealants better than fillings?

Sealants and fillings serve different purposes and cannot be compared to which is better. Fillings repair a tooth that has already developed a cavity, while sealants are used as a preventive measure to stop cavities from forming in the first place.

Sealants are a highly effective way to prevent cavities by creating a protective layer over the grooves and fissures on the chewing surfaces of the teeth, which are prone to trapping food particles and bacteria. The sealant material fills in the crevices and makes it difficult for food and bacteria to stick, reducing the risk of cavities.

Fillings, on the other hand, are necessary when a cavity has already formed in a tooth. During the filling procedure, the dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and fill it with a restorative material such as composite resin or amalgam.

Does insurance cover dental sealants?

Many insurance plans cover dental sealants, particularly for children. However, coverage can vary depending on the plan and the patient’s age. It’s best to check with your insurance provider to determine your specific range.

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