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I have really enjoyed working with Dr. Ellis. He is very personable and makes sure you will understand every process you will go through.
~ Elden, Ogden, March 2011


I never felt like he was talking about me, but to me the entire time. He included me in every decision. I used to say that I was afraid to go to the dentist. I realized that it wasn’t fear of what was going to be done but was actually a lack of trust in what the dentist was doing. Dr. Ellis took great care of me and I know longer distrust the dentist.
~ Mel, Ogden, February 2011


Dr. Ellis took the time to sit down with me and figure out exactly what I wanted with my teeth and smile and gave me possible solutions. Very Friendly.
~ Josh, Ogden, January 2011


It didn’t hurt at all.
~ Jed (10 yrs old), Morgan, December 2010


I found out, very late in the year, that I had to have some pretty major work done before the year ended or I would lose my benefits. Dr. Ellis and two of his assistants came into the office over the Holidays just to see me. I was very impressed and very thankful that they would help me out in my time crunch.
~ Vicki, Morgan, December 2010 


I was nervous for my daughter to get her wisdom teeth out. But the day after Dr. Ellis completed the procedure I couldn’t keep my daughter home. She wanted to go running around with her friends and felt perfectly fine. Dr. Ellis did a wonderful job.
~ Susan, Bountiful, November 2010


I didn’t know what to do for my clicking and popping jaw. Dr. Ellis told me I had TMJ and that he had received training to deal with that particular problem. He made something for me to wear which is barely visible and feels very comfortable. It is totally working!! I can eat again without my jaw going crazy. Great dentist and great guy. Thanks Dr. Ellis
~ Wanda, Morgan, November 2010


My daughter had a problem sucking her thumb. I couldn’t get her to stop. Dr. Ellis very lovingly yet firmly told her that she could not do that anymore and that she must stop sucking her thumb right away. To my amazement, it worked. She has not sucked it since. Dr. Ellis did a great job with my kids.
~ Leslie, Morgan, October 2010


My husband and I are so pleased to have found Dr. Ellis. My husband’s number one complimant of Dr. Ellis is that you never feel the shot. What a relief!
~ Christy, Ogden, October 2010


I am getting married in two months. I was nervous that Dr. Ellis would not be able to fix my teeth in time. Turns out. He fixed them in ONE DAY!!
~ Erna, Ogden, September 2010


I came into town from California to visit my daughter. She showed me the work she had recently gotten and I loved it. I scheduled an appointment to see if there was anything that could be done for me like that. Dr. Ellis changed things in my mouth that I thought could only have been done with years of braces and thousands of dollars. I am so happy with what has happened to me. My new dentist is right here in Utah although I still live in California. I will be back.
~ Olivia, Bakersfield CA, September 2010


Because of an accident I had to get crowns on my four front teeth. Being that I am 19 I was super nervous about them looking like beaver teeth or something else horrible. They are BEAUTIFUL! Dr. Ellis did a great job and I love to smile. Thanks Dr. Ellis.
~ Brianna, South Ogden, August 2010 


I know most people say they are scared of the dentist. But they don’t have anything on me. I am petrified! I was referred to Dr. Ellis by another dentist because he said he couldn’t treat me and my super sensitive teeth. Dr. Ellis took the time to sit down and talk to me about me fears. He went over my treatment with me from start to finish. He was very gentle and I actually made it through and appointment!! Dr. Ellis is the greatest. And although I still get scared when I even think about a dentist Dr. Ellis has made my fear as small as it has ever been.
~ Nicole, Morgan, August 2010 


I moved to Ogden from California about 4 years ago. I had a REALLY bad experience with a dentist when I was young and am truly a chicken when it comes to having any work done in my mouth. Doctor Ellis met me in his personal office to discuss my concerns and made me feel as comfortable as possible. When we actually moved to one of his dental chairs i almost paniced. Dr. Ellis was very patient. I got through it and felt much better the next day. Dr. Ellis is now my new dentist and I am glad I found him.
~ Hellen, Ogden, July 2010 


I don’t believe most testimonials but this one is true. I called Dr. Ellis in the middle of the night with a tooth ache. He offered to help me out. Only problem was that I had all my kids at home and my husband was gone. I couldn’t leave! Dr. Ellis actually came to my home to help. He couldn’t remove my tooth right there of course but he brought with him some numbing stuff. I have never been so greatful to get a shot in my life. He got me completely comfortable so that I could at least sleep through the night. The next morning, my husband was home and, I was able to go to his office where he could finish the job. Thank you soooo much Dr. Ellis.
~ Kim, Morgan, June 2010


I looked on lilne for a new dentist. Dr Ellis seemed to be the right fit for me. I hadn’t been to the dentist for a long time so I was nervous. Right away Dr. Ellis made me feel much more comfortable. He met with me in his office to discuss what I was there for BEFORE any treatmetn got started. He and his staff took real good care of me and I will be sure to reccomend him to everyone I know.
~ Lois, Ogden, May 2010


Dr. Ellis has been outstanding! I came in with a huge chunck of my tooth in my hand. I was scared to death. Dr. Ellis explained all the options available to me and helped me make a decision that was best for me medically, best for my nerves, and best for my pocket book. More and more of my family are switching to him to be our dentist.
~ Tony, Ogden, May 2010


Dr. Ellis found a cavity on my daughter. It was her first one. She was very nervous. Dr. Ellis was patient and was able to calm her down. The filling was placed in no time and she was happy as could be as she got her prize and left the office. Thank you so much Dr. Ellis.
~ Kim, Croydon, May 2010


Dr. Ellis is so sweet. My family and I recently lost our insurance so I canceled all of our appointments. Dr. Ellis saw that I had done this and called me the next day. He told me not to worry about a thing and that his office would help us out until we got back on our feet.
~ Christine, Ogden, April 2010


I went to Dr. Ellis because my filling had cracked. He told me that it just wasn’t my filling that was cracked but my entire tooth! He even took the time to take a digital picture and show me what was going on. He told me I would need to have my tooth removed. I was petrified. I am 58 and hadn’t had a tooth taken out since my wisdom teeth when I was a teenager. Dr. Ellis was very kind. He took his time to explain what would happen and made me feel as calm as possible. The extraction was very smooth and I didn’t even realize when he was done. This would have been enough for me to recommend him to my family and friends. But, he then placed an implant right then and there! No need for another surgery. He tells me that once I heel up I will get a new tooth their and I will be back to normal. My recovery time was very brief and I feel great. I can not say enough about Dr. Ellis and his staff. Definitely a great place to be. When you need to be at a place like that.
~ Rebecca, Ogden, April 2010


My daughter had a cavity and was very scared. We went to Dr. Ellis and he fixed her cavity without her needing to get numb. She was so happy and now loves to go to the dentist.
~ Jen, South Ogden, April 2010


I am very happy with the treatment I have received at Dr. Ellis’ office. I find the staff to be very friendly and the environment to be very relaxing.
~ Pam, West Point, March 2010


I needed to have my wisdom teeth extracted and was very nervous. Dr. Ellis was patient and explained the procedure in detail. And when it was all over it turned out that I didn’t have near the discomfort I thought I would. He did a great job.
~ Kimberly, Ogden, March 2010


I have always been bothered by a gap in between my front teeth. I thought braces were my only option. Dr. Ellis closed the gap without braces, crowns, or even numbing me up! I would reccomend him to anyone.
~ May, Jackson Wyoming, March 2010