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The Basis of Clear Aligners

Clear orthodontic aligners are a relatively new alternative to metal braces. Clear aligners function very similarly to metal braces in that their main goal is to align the wearer’s teeth. This is accomplished through several series of slightly different shaped aligners that will gradually realign the teeth into a more functional and aesthetic position. One of the main reasons that people choose clear aligners over traditional metal braces is because, as the name suggests, they are near invisible when worn. Clear aligners are popular among teens and adults for this very reason.

Orthodontic Clear Aligners: Pros & Cons


Clear aligners have many benefits besides being nearly invisible. One of these would be the dietary restrictions. Or rather, the lack of dietary restrictions. Clear aligners can be removed whenever necessary. Because of this, you can remove your clear aligner during meal times and eat anything you want! Regular braces have many restrictions on crunchy, chewy, sticky and hard foods because they present a risk of breaking a bracket loose from a tooth. With clear aligners, any food or beverage is A-okay. Studies have shown that clear aligners may also work faster than traditional braces. Clear aligners are able to apply forces to multiple surfaces on teeth while traditional braces exert force mainly on one single location.

Another benefit of clear aligners is that you don’t have to worry about tearing your cheeks and gums like traditional braces would. Sure, there’s wax to help solve those issues, but wax is uncomfortable, adds bulk to the braces, and may come off at inopportune moments Clear aligners are much more comfortable and don’t pose the harm to your gums like metal braces.

Another great side about aligners is that you can use them as bleach trays. By the time your treatment is finished, your teeth will be straight AND white!


With all the amazing aspects clear aligners have, it only makes sense that there would be one or two negative aspects. One thing that clear aligners can’t do, that braces can, is fix serious misalignment of teeth. Clear aligners can fix lesser issues but there are simply some teeth/jaw issues that absolutely require metal braces. Serious over bites, under bites, narrow arches, and other skeletal deficiencies are simply too much for clear aligners to handle.

Another con is that fact that clear aligners can be lost. Traditional braces can not be removed thus they can’t be misplaced. Clear aligners can be forgotten on lunch trays at school, placed in pockets of pants, and all sorts of other things that teenagers might do with them. If you are worried that your teen might not be the most diligent in keeping track of their trays then perhaps they may not be the best option.

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