Wisdom Teeth Removal - Ogden DentistGetting your, or your child’s, wisdom teeth removed can be a frightening experience.

  • Will it be painful?
  • Will your face swell?
  • Should a dentist or an oral surgeon take the teeth out?

These are all great questions. Questions about swelling and discomfort after wisdom tooth removal are hard to answer. Much of that depends on how well the actual surgery goes.

Who takes the teeth out also depends. Are the teeth impacted, how much opening capability do you have, and other factors contribute to the decision on whether the dentist will refer you out to the oral surgeon of simply remove the teeth themselves.

The best thing to do is to come in and get a consultation. A quick x-ray and exam will be able to tell the dentist all he needs to know. If you suspect that you, or your child, may need their wisdom teeth removed please give us a call today.

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