Ogden Dentist Video 11

Ogden Dentist Video #11:

Which toothbrush is really better – Manual or Electric?

In this video, Dr. Jim Ellis, DDS (a dentist in Ogden, Utah) explains which toothbrush is better — Manual or Electric.

As long as you clean your teeth, an Electric toothbrush versus a Manual toothbrush, there is NO difference. Someone can improperly use an electric toothbrush and do a worse job than if they properly use a manual toothbrush. It has to do with how you use it.

There are definite benefits to an electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes have pressure sensors. Some of them have sensors that tell you when you’re brushing too hard. Some of them have timers that tell you when you’ve spent too long in a particular area. The toothbrushes move, and so the agitation of the toothbrush, the speed at which the toothbrush moves is faster than you can reproduce with your hands. That can be good and bad.

There is definitely a problem with over brushing. It’s all in the technique of the person. I, personally use an electric toothbrush. I have my spouse use an electric toothbrush, and I do suggest them for people, just because the chances of misusing a electric toothbrush are much less than a manual one, but no matter what you have, you can get your teeth clean just the same.

Hopefully, this video has answered your question. If you have any other questions, we have a whole library of videos. If there is something that you have that hasn’t been answered, you can feel free to give me a call at (801) 783-3490. Thank you so much and have a good day.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDtx_NRQ0kc