“Painless tooth replacement”
“Teeth in a day”
“One appointment smile”

We have all heard these claims and typically, they are accompanied by promises that the doctor can:

  • almost magically
  • take out all of your teeth
  • put implants in, and
  • place crowns on the teeth with little to no pain, in just one day

They may even show the patient biting into an apple right after the procedure.

In very rare and unique circumstances, this MAY be the case. But for the other 99.7% of us, it’s not. Anytime, you have surgery of ANY kind you need to heal. The picture below shows a site where a tooth was recently extracted. This site will be very tender for several days while the body heals. That’s just the way it works. Blood will rush to the site of any injury thus creating inflammation (swelling) and moderate discomfort. Tooth Extraction

If implants are placed that too will cause some type of discomfort.

To say that teeth can be extracted and implants placed and that you can begin eating right away with no pain whatsoever is just not true. What is typically happening is that, these people are trying to suck you in and then sell you on something else.

Simply do lots and lots of homework before letting these places touch your mouth.