There is a drug out there known as Meth. It’s not good for a whole boat load of reasons. But seeing as how I am a dentist, I will focus on the dental problems.

The first problem is that Meth causes your salivary glands to stop producing saliva. This may not seem like a big thing, but it is. Just imagine if your tear ducts stopped producing tears. Your eyes would dry out in a big hurry. Dry eyes would be painful and damage would begin to occur. Same thing with teeth. Dry teeth will end up being painful and damaged teeth.

Early Meth Use Meth Mouth: Early Meth Use

The next problem is that Meth will make a person grind their teeth. Scientists really aren’t sure why but they have seen it enough to know that it happens. Grinding of brittle dry teeth will cause fractures to begin happening.

Moderate Meth Use Meth Mouth: Moderate Meth Use

Finally, Meth will cause people to just not care anymore. And when you really don’t care about your teeth, you really don’t take care of them and you really don’t care eat or drink anymore either. The black spots on the gums are what’s left of the teeth.

They have either rotted, been broken down to the gums. 

Severe Meth Use Meth Mouth: Moderate Meth Use