Dentist in Ogden, Utah: It is just a Little Spot.

We will call this young man Mr. K

Mr. K thought he saw a small discoloration on one of his teeth. Here is what he saw. Doesn’t look too bad… right?

Mr. K's tooth (BEFORE)

This is Mr K’s tooth after we dug out all of the cavity. In some instances, a little color is just a little cavity. But in others a little color can lead to a big cavity. That’s just it. There is no way for you to tell. That is why at the soonest sign of any color change in any of your teeth you need to get in to see your dentist.

Mr. K's tooth without cavity

Now, lets you think all is lost for poor old Mr. K, do not fear. Below is a picture of the finished product. We got him all fixed up and he will be back to full speed in no time.

Mr. K's tooth (AFTER)