Happens everyday. I tell people they have cavities and they look at me with this questioning and confused look and say, “How do I have cavities? I brush my teeth.”

Smiley question face

This is probably just an eternal battle for me as a dentist.

For a person to say… “How can I have cavities? I brush”

Is like saying… “How did my engine overheat? I put water in the radiator.”

Good job on the water. That is a very necessary part of helping keep your engine cool. However, so is adding oil to the engine itself. Adding the water is nice but its not enough. Just as brushing is nice but it is not enough, on its own, to prevent tooth decay.

Moral to the story.

Brush AND Floss…  Brush AND Floss… Brush AND Floss… Brush AND Floss

Got it? Good.

Now, have a wonderful day.