We see it all the time. People coming into the office with with their teeth hurting. I tell them that they have a ton of cavities and they tell me that that is impossible. Since nothing is impossible, I ask them why they think that. They tell me its because they only drink 1 can of soda pop a day. I tell them that that’s not so bad and that lots of people have a soda at some point during the day. I then ask them, how long it takes them to drink it. They tell me that they sip on it throughout the day and that it takes them about 4 hours to finish off a can.

Mountain Dew drinksHere in lies our problem.

Cavities caused by soda happen due to the time that the teeth are exposed to the sugar and not the amount of sugar ingested.

If I drank an entire 2 liter of Mountain Dew for breakfast and my patient only had 1 can on Mountain Dew but it took him 4 hours to drink his can, who do you think would be worse off?

If you said the guy drinking the can, then you are starting to catch on. Although my sugar content is higher and I may experience more symptoms throughout my body, my teeth are much better off. I get the sugar in my mouth and then get it out and I am done. The person who sips on that one can for hours at a time has sugar covering their teeth the whole time they are sipping. So, less sugar but more tooth exposure.

Moral of the story is DO NOT SIP!