Here are some BEFORE and AFTER dental photos of Mrs. B.

When Mrs. B was young she got into some trouble with her two front teeth. From that point on, she has been dealing with on and off discomfort. She finally decided it was time to do something.

She decided, it was simply time to part ways with her 2 front teeth. She also decided that while she was at it she would get a whole new smile.

Here is Mrs. B – BEFORE photo
Mrs. B's front teeth (BEFORE photo)

Here is Mrs. B – AFTER photo
Mrs. B's front teeth (AFTER photo)

Mrs. B now has plans to bleach her bottom teeth so that everything will match up nicely. She is very happy with her new smile.

If you have teeth that have been bothering you for a long time and you just don’t know what to do, maybe something like this could be in your future.