Ogden Dentist Video 9

Ogden Dentist Video #9:

What is the difference between DMD and DDS?

In this video, Dr. Jim Ellis, DDS (a dentist in Ogden, Utah) discusses the difference between DMD and DDS.

There is NO difference between Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) and Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD. Different dental schools simply choose to give their graduates one degree or the other. There is no difference in the amount of dentistry that can be done. No restrictions on any procedures that can be done.

You go to a DDS or DMD, they basically can do same entry level procedures. That doesn’t change what the dentist, the DMD or the DDS has gotten beyond dental school. That’s really what you need to do, find out if your DDS or DMD has advanced trainings beyond school, bust as far as entry level dentistry, DDS and DMD are the same thing.

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Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6jA_CIytIA