What can be done for a denture that won’t stay in?

First of all, the age of the denture needs to be considered. If the denture is over 10 years old, without having been re-fit, then a dentist needs to look at it.

Secondly, was the denture made properly? Even the newest denture won’t fit if it was made improperly.

Third, what is the overall health of the person wearing the denture? If the patient has experienced severe weight loss over a short period of time then the denture may quickly become unwearable do to an ill fit.

Many loose fitting dentures can be solved by taking care of one of the previously mentioned problems.

However if that doesn’t fix the problem then there is another solution. Two implants placed in the lower jaw with a couple of snaps placed in the denture may be just the trick.

  1. The snaps placed in the denture will grab onto the implants (just like a snap on a shirt).
  2. The denture will now be be much more able to stay in place.

Contact your dentist and see if this is the right option for your loved one. Or you

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