Dentist in Ogden, Utah: Changing out the Metal Fillings

Although this particular filling was not replaced solely for the fact that it was metal, you can still see the results. Here is a before picture.

BEFORE changing metal filling

BEFORE Changing Out the Metal Filling

Here is the after picture.

AFTER Changing Metal Filling

AFTER Changing Out the Metal Filling

Metal fillings are replaced for a variety of reasons. This filling was replaced do to a fracture that was beginning on one side of the tooth. Some fillings are replaced because the people who have them want a more cosmetic looking filling to be placed. Some fillings are replaced by people who simply want to be preventative and have decided that it is time to get the old fillings out.

Whatever the reason behind your decision to get your fillings out and replace them with new ones, the procedure is very simple an inexpensive.