Have you been a little rough on your teeth lately? It could be time for dental implants from Best Ogden Dentist if you’ve lost more than a few teeth. Younger people have a habit of eating whatever tastes or looks good to them often ignoring the fact that it could have drastic results on their teeth. Younger children just don’t care because they’re still at an age where if they lose a tooth another will come in. Practicing good dental hygiene is something parents should teach at a younger age, show your children the results of unhealthy eating. Older people have also started growing careless of taking care of their teeth it could be because they’re overworked and stressed or maybe like the younger generation they simply don’t care. It’s time to start caring and if you want to regain your beautiful smile dental implants can definitely work wonders.

Dental Implants

Visit at the dentist - Best Ogden Dentist - Dr. Jim EllisDental implants are simply artificial teeth that look amazingly real implanted by a periodontist into your jaw using an artificial tooth root to hold those artificial teeth or bridges. Dental implants from Best Ogden Dentist are as comfortable as your own teeth so it looks and feels as if you never lost them. They help you to be able to show off your beautiful smile without embarrassment of gaps and open spaces. Dental implants will also provide support for a denture without effecting bordering teeth. Implants can last the patient a lifetime if maintained as if they’re real by practicing good dental hygiene.

Types of implants

There are two common types of dental implants:

  1. Endosteal in the bone. Endosteal procedures would include screws, blades or cylinders surgically inserted into the jawbone. Each implant will hold one or several prosthetic teeth and are more often used by patients with removal dentures or bridges.
  2. Subperiosteal on the bone. The other type which is Subperiosteal is placed on top of the jaw with metal framework’s posts going directly through the gums to hold the prosthesis. The Subperiosteal procedure is commonly used on patients who have minimal bone height plus are unable to wear conventional dentures.

The quantity and quality bone where the implant will be placed is the key to a successful procedure for all patients.

~ Best Ogden Dentist

Post Procedure

Dental implant patience may experience pain during and after the procedure but it should be minimal and wear off after seven to ten days. Your Best Ogden Dentist will prescribe pain killers or other antibiotics to further help you along. There may also be mild bleeding or swelling but that’s normal and will also fade with time. The bleeding can be controlled by biting down on gauze and you can use an ice pack or cold towel to control the swelling. The implants will need time to associate with the bone which could take from three to six months maybe longer. Soreness will come and go but can also be controlled with over the counter drugs. Dental implants should never be cared for poorly because that could result in implant failure and loss of money, treat them right.