This is a question we get asked all the time. “Are you sure I have a cavity. Because it doesn’t hurt.”

Well, saying that is like saying, “Why do I need to change my oil when my car is running just fine?”

Your car may be running fine, and you could save yourself $49.99 by not changing your oil. However, when your engine seizes up, your repair bill is now about $4,000 for a new motor.

Broken Car - Ogden Dentist (sample)

You didn’t end up saving a lot in the end.

Same is true with teeth and cavities. You could save yourself the small cost of getting a cavity filled but then when it starts to hurt you will need to get a root canal and a crown. That means that your cost, and your discomfort, will be significantly more.

Save yourself the money and the discomfort. Get your cavities filled when they are small.