Well, like most things, the answer is … … it depends.

Sucking is a very natural and calming thing for a baby to do.

Pacifier - Ogden DentistI have given each and every one of my 5 kids a pacifier. None of them are delayed in their teeth coming in, have any speech problems, or had any thumb sucking problems due to using a pacifier.

There are some obvious things you should be concerned with.

  • If you use a clip and a cord to keep the pacifier attached to your child’s clothes make sure the cord is short enough that can’t choke the baby.

  • Once your child gets to kindergarten make sure that they only use the pacifier at home. Being known as the only kid that had a pacifier in kindergarten could seriously damage your child’s chances at getting asked to junior prom.

Seriously though, allowing your child to have a pacifier for the first few years of life is, in my opinion, not a problem.