What is on the inside of my Tooth?

Dr. Jim Ellis, dentist in Ogden, Utah: What’s on the inside of my Tooth?

Your teeth are hollow. The hollow chamber contains the blood vessels and nerves that give your teeth, life. A root canal is simply the process of accessing this chamber and scrubbing it clean of all its contents, so that it can’t cause you anymore pain. This is the inside of a molar. We were almost completed with a root canal when I decided to snap this picture. Since this is an upper molar, it has 3 roots on it. Typically, each root has one canal in it.

After the inside has been scrubbed clean, the canals are then filled with a rubberized material. The hole we make to access the nerve chamber is then filled with a typical filling material used to fill cavities.

The pink stuff you can see inside the tooth is the rubberized material that has already been placed down into the canals. 

Rubberized material inside the tooth

Rubberized material inside the tooth – Ogden Dentist

Here is a X-Ray of the molar before we worked on it. Notice in the teeth that there is a black line down the center, that is the hollow space where the nerves reside. 

X-Ray of the molar (BEFORE)

X-Ray of the molar BEFORE the root canal

Now instead of black lines, you can see white lines. Those white lines are the rubberized material. If all goes well, this tooth will no longer cause the patient any more trouble. 

X-Ray of the molar (AFTER)

X-Ray of the molar AFTER the root canal


  1. william Pilson says

    I was interested in the x ray photos, I assume prior to the root canal the patient was in pain possibly infected?
    I can’t see any difference in the photo except perhaps the second one is more defined.
    The reason I ask is it seems whenever I get a tooth infection I know it WAY before the dentist can “see” it with X-ray.
    I had a painful tooth that the dentist somewhat dismissed the pain level due to lack of the extreme infection that would cause that much pain.
    I can’t seem to get through to him that regardless of his X-ray sometimes I’m in significant pain. I think he must think I just wanted pain meds so I just asked for the Antibiotic but he would even give me that, but the next couple days I had to go back all swollen up and finally he admitted that NOW it was infected?? Why is that?

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